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Dark Biology and Drug Plant Seeds Message Forum

Which are safer synthetic or natural drugs.


Discussion is mainly kept to the cultivation, chemical constituents and pharmacological effects of "drug" plants. The cultivation of these plants in most countries is forbidden except by some governments or government licensed companies; mostly as use as the starting materials  for synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.  We do not encourage any illegal activities and suggest those under 18 do not experiment with illegal drugs.<

>This website is an information source for natural drug plants whether they be used for recreational purposes, self exploration, or medicinal.  Drug plant seeds are available through the banner on the top of our page and interesting books and articles are on the left hand side of the page.

Mother nature has supplied a plethora of natural drugs through plants, fungi (mushrooms) and other organisms.  This site will strive to keep up with the latest discoveries as well as supplying information on the better known ethnobotanical plant and psychotropic fungi.  The site will also discuss medicinal herbs and essential oils horticulture for exotic plants and botany.  This site will only focus on natural drugs and not synthetic ones.

The owner of this site is a post graduate plant breeder and biotechnologist having a strong background in mycology (the study of fungi).  Please feel free to contact me through the contact page or add me to your twitter account and I will add you back.  The seed companies we recommend are some of the most established in the business.  If you have an issue with any of them after clicking through our banner then let us know and we will contact them.  Thanks and have an interesting and fulfilling day.